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Flashback photography is proud to be associated with Ray White Real Estate Toronto, the winner of the Hunter Business Awards / Business of the Year in 2007 and also the Real Estate Agency of the Year 2007. We are also regularly hired by other superior real estate offices in Newcastle and surrounding areas and our objective is to help you achieve an edge in presentation in your marketing campaign.

Care is taken to process each image individually by a member of our team to achieve the best presentation of colours and features. We take our time during the photography session and also during post production to achieve the best possible angles, aspects and features of a property.

Paul Wrigley of Ray White Toronto writes a regular Real Estate Article for the Newcastle Herald and here he explains the importance of professional photography and the use of Flashbacks' services.

“Real Estatements by Paul Wrigley

The next marketing initiative we will discuss is professional photography. When a buyer sees a property advertised for sale, the old saying “First Impressions Count” is so true.

Whether the buyer sees the property in the paper, on the internet, in the agents window display or on the photo signboard at the property, a buyer will judge the property from the photos.

Marketing is about transferring a feeling that has the consumer excited and motivated to come and view your home. The photos can show how spacious a room is or how panoramic a view is. A simple photo can be the single deciding factor that will attract a buyer.

Quite often a professionally taken photograph could attract a buyer that normally may have overlooked that property because it didn’t grab their attention. This could result in achieving a higher price in the shorter term. Dark shadows, photos that only capture half a room or look dull could be worse than no image at all!

A professional agent will utilise the services of a professional photographer. Gone are the days where you (a home seller) can rely on an agent to use a digital camera and capture your property at its best. A professional photographer will capture a room with the right camera angle and this will make all the difference.

At Ray White Toronto, we use Flashback Photography by Annette to photograph all of our properties. If need be, Annette will revisit a property to make sure the view, outlook or the light is the best to showcase the properties selling features. Annette spends hours enhancing the quality and colour in an image for every property at every price range to ensure it looks the best it can, while maintaining a true and accurate reflection on the product.”

If you would like to become one of the leading Agencies in the area, then let us help you achieve that vision. Call Flashback today to discuss how we can best service your needs.

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